Tamar Braxton Plastic Surgery For Nose Job

Tamar Braxton has admittedly had plastic surgery.  The star confesses to having multiple nose jobs to fix a medical condition.  I know... when you hear that it just sounds like an excuse, but she actually has a pretty good back story...

Tamar Braxton was born without enough cartilage in her nose which attributed to breathing difficulties.  So, she's had had multiple rhinoplasties to build up the cartilage / support in her nose.  She had a rib graft where they remove a bit of cartilage from the ear and transplant it in the nose.  She said that hurt ALOT.

Here's a before and after photo of Tamar Braxton after her first nose job.

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Tamar Braxton before and after

Here's she is after more plastic surgery operations.

Tamar Braxton plastic surgery

This is Tamar Braxton to date...

Tamar Braxton nose job